Eufy Robot Vacuum Review

Today I’m going to answer one of the most important questions every asked… Which robot vacuum should you buy?? That’s right. The question isn’t should you buy one, it’s which one to get. Because every girl needs a robot vacuum in her life. Simple as that!

Tyler and I have been talking about getting a robot vacuum for literally months if not a year, but had been holding out because our condo layout was not at all conducive to getting one at the time haha. So obviously, one of our first purchases after we bought our new home was to finally get a robot vacuum to keep it nice and clean! Gotta keep up with all that pup hair!

Tyler did the research and ended up buying the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 35C for us and we’ve really loved it! It came with the charging station, a few replacement brushes, boundary tape, and can be controlled using an app on our iPhones. It’s thinner and lighter than the Roomba and according to some research, is less likely to get stuck or stop working mid clean. We did learn to use the boundary tape in places with lots of cords, like underneath our entertainment center, but other than that we haven’t noticed any issues with it navigating through our home.

Just like any robot vacuum, it’s not perfect. It occasionally will miss spots as it tries to navigate the space and it doesn’t always get all the dog hair off the rug. However! It keeps me from having to vacuum every single day just to stay on top of the dust, dirt, and hair that tends to collect quickly in our house and that’s all I wanted! I’m really really happy with the choice we made in getting the Eufy. It’s so easy to use and we’re never disappointed with the job it does.

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