Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen Reveal

Ya’ll. I’ve finally gotten my life together enough to post this! I hope you realize how big of a deal this is haha. Tyler can attest to the fact that it sometimes takes me MONTHS to truly settle in somewhere. I really wanted to break that habit in our new house though and I think I have! Just over a month in and pretty much everything is ready and put together.

Our living space here isn’t actually a ton square footage — not even close to what I was originally wanting — but honestly, I hardly even notice it anymore. There are so many windows that give the space more natural light than I could ever dream of! It feels so open and airy and I love how usable the space is. Finally I can be a part of the party and cook in the same room as guests instead of being stuck behind a wall!

Since the space is naturally so light and open, I wanted to keep my design choices simple and neutral to maintain that feeling. I chose things that were lighter in color but definitely wanted to include some good wood tones in to warm up the space and keep it from feeling to cold! Figuring out how to make the spaces feel defined yet cohesive was also something I had to keep in mind. Area rugs definitely help with this by giving actual lines to the space and helping visualize where one are ends and another begins. I also chose a pretty large L-shaped sectional to help with the division between the living room and dining room, pulse it’s amazingly comfortable and great for large groups of guests!

Ultimately, our living space is exactly what I wanted! It’s still a little unfinished and needs a few more accents added in, but I’m satisfied with where it is for now. I still remember where I got most of the main furniture pieces and some of the accents so feel free to ask for a link to anything you like!

I’m still looking for the perfect round end table for this space next to the couch!
I need some better knickknacks for these cute built in shelves on the island. Home Goods here I come!

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