What I’m Packing for Europe

Hey, ya’ll! Today is THE day! Tyler and I are loading up the car and heading to the airport to fly to Europe! I’ve been looking forward to this trip for so long, I cant even tell you. This is our big bucket list trip that we’ve been talking about since we got married and I’m so excited we finally get to do it!

For the last week I’ve basically been agonizing over what the heck I’m going to pack for this trip. We’re going to be gone for 12 days and the weather is going to be anywhere from the 40’s to the 70’s… so I really tried to pack clothes that can be layered and worn with multiple outfits! I also have to leave some room in my suitcase for anything I pick up while I’m there, if ya know what I mean haha.

As far as beauty and skin care products, it’s so hard for me to choose just a few things to bring! I’m always afraid I’ll get somewhere and wish I had brought that other eyeshadow pallet, or that different foundation. But it’s just not practical to pack every single thing I own!

So after all the thinking and combing through my closet and makeup drawers, here’s what I’ve come up with!

The weather in Rome, Florence, and Lucerne ranges from the 40’s to the 70’s while we’re their sooo packing outfits I can layer is pretty much the key to being prepared for this trip! I brought 4 pairs of denim that are all different washes, including black; two pairs of shorts (just in case); two skirts, a midi and a mini; several short and long sleeve tops and blouses; a few warmer sweaters; a cardigan; a warm coat; some active wear; my golden goose shoes; three pairs of boots; and the essentials like pajamas, bras, undies and socks.

Beauty and skincare wise, I’d basically shrivel you and die without my Tula products so I obviously packed those! I made sure to bring a hydrating mask for before and after plane rides and also since the weather has potential to be colder. My rose hip and vitamin c facial oil is also coming along for the trip along with my quartz face roller.

My makeup has become really simple since my skin has improved and been consistently nice the last few years, so I basically just packed everything in my favorite drugstore beauty products blog post! (tap here to see the post). I also added an Este Lauder foundation that came in an Ipsy bag I got at the beginning of the year because I’m trying to use it up haha.

I can’t wait to actually share my styles looks with you guys over the next few days!

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