Bathroom Organization

There’s nothing quite like moving to a new house! One of my favorite parts is the the opportunity to start new and organize all the different rooms. Just the other day I finally decided to tackle the master bathroom! At first I was a little unsure how to organize all our stuff into such a small vanity… I have a LOT of stuff (thanks to FFF haha). Face masks, foot masks, eyeshadow palettes, lotions, hair styling tools, hair products, the list goes on and on. Sooo I had to get a little creative with how to store things in a practical way!

First, I found this AMAZING counter top makeup organize on Amazonr. It’s so perfect for all those every day beauty products you need easy access to! And there’s room for a few extras too. I love how the top has a section for your favorite lipsticks! Here’s how I chose to organize it and what I put in each drawer!

Top: favorite lipsticks, daily skin care products (can you tell I have a fave brand? Haha), hand sanitizer, and my mini daily hand lotion.

Drawer 1: Every day makeup including my concealer, foundation, mascara, blush, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, etc.

Drawer 2: Eyeshadow pallets, extra bronzers, blushes… basically the stuff I don’t use daily.

Drawer 3: some random stuff like my old NYX contour palette and favorite Essie nail polishes.

Drawer 4: MASKS GALORE. Seriously this drawer is crammed full of all my face and lip masks + a foot mask too.

The drawers on my side of the vanity contain my favorite tanning products, hair products, hair brushes, and styling tools. Again, all the stuff I want easy access to without having to root around in the cabinet under the sink. Our drawers are super deep which is great because it allowed me to fit all my hair products standing straight up and my styling tools also all fit in one drawer. Talk about it win!

Tyler’s drawers are very similar to mine, filled with all his every day stuff. Which means they’re basically empty haha. We also used one of his drawers for medicines/first aid type stuff since we don’t have a medicine cabinet! It seemed like the most practical place for that stuff.

In the cabinet we have a basket for all our travel sized products; a basket for q-tips, cotton balls, and my ring cleaning solutions; and then a little drawer thing that has all of my less frequently used things like my teeth whitening strips, extra razor blades, hair accessories, and all that kind of stuff.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out for now! Everything I use regularly is easy to grab and the bathroom feels so neat and tidy. I even had an empty drawer when I finished! Basically the best feeling ever haha.

Keep an eye out for more home posts! I can’t wait to share every room with you guys as everything comes together!!

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