Breville Coffee Maker Review

Jesus then coffee. My favorite things. Well, I guess it’s Jesus, Tyler, then coffee… But you get the point. Coffee is basically life giving in my book. Which is why it’s so important to find the best coffee maker possible to put in charge of brewing your morning cup.

Tyler and I had both been using a french press every day to brew our coffee for years before we found our Breville. I mean, you can’t deny that french pressed coffee is amazing! Buuut, it’s incredibly inconvenient and takes so much time to make it well. And time is something I really don’t have much of, especially on work mornings when I’m out the door by 5:40 AM.

Tyler and I finally decided to do some research and find a coffee maker that would actually fit our coffee needs. That’s when we came across the Breville Grind Control Coffee maker! Things I love about it: it has an auto brew setting that allows me to set it to brew right before I get up, it grinds the beans before brewing each pot, you can adjust the strength of the coffee, and each pot tastes amazing! Since it does grind the beans fresh each time, there is a bit of noise involved, but you can’t really expect grinding coffee beans to ever be quiet! There’s also a bit of maintenance as you have to descale the coffee maker periodically, but I think it’s well worth it! Also, beware that after you descale the coffee maker you’ll want to run just water through it at least twice before you brew coffee to wash out all the viniger used to clean it. I found that out when I brewed some coffee right after and my creamer curdled when I poured it in haha. And even after that experience it’s still the best coffee maker I’ve ever used!

Basically, we really love our Breville coffee maker! It’s exactly what we were looking for as far as quality of coffee and the machine itself. It’s definitely s little bit of an investment, but it’s been well worth it for us!

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