Affordable Athleisure Picks

Sweater | Leggings | Sneakers

Athleisure is probably one of my favorite trends ever. I’ve always loved leggings and will always wear them, but at least now I’m on trend ha. The one downfall of it is that it can be SO expensive. I love finding great stuff for less money than what you spend buying from some of the big brands. Not that I don’t love the big brands like Lulu Lemon, Outdoor Voices, Athleta… etc. I just can’t afford to buy several pairs of leggings that cost approx. $70 plus. Who can, amiright?? Below are some of my favorite affordable leggings and athleisure wear!

Sweater | Leggings
Top | Leggings

Top 1| Top 2 | Top 3

Shorts | Mauve Leggings |Grey Leggings

Adidas | New Balance |White Adidas

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