Fur Baby Finds

This one is for all my dog lovers! We have two doggies we very affectionately refer to as “the girls,” and let me tell you… they’re spoiled rotten. It’s not like we walked into getting dogs thinking that we would be the type to spoil them. It just kinda happened! I don’t know about you, but we put a LOT of thought into what we buy for our pups. They’re too important not to!! Which is why today is dedicated to all things dog and our favorites things we buy on repeat!


We love Nyla Bones! We buy these every few months because it’s one of the toys that takes the girls longest to destroy haha. We also love that it comes in a pack of two since we have two girls to entertain. They’re super durable and completely safe for pups to gnaw on. Just make sure to take it away when it gets too small!

Kong is another amazing brand that produces great quality toys that really last! We still have the same two Kong toys we bought when we got each of the girls. They’re also great because you can fill some of their products with yummy treats! We have the classic kong toy and the kong ball.

I found these cute little hedge hog toys at TJ Maxx originally and they’re just too cute to not buy again. They’re not super durable so if you’re pup is a serious chewer, don’t expect them to last a long time. We buy them every few months because I like for the girls to have a stuffed animal to love on every once in a while. They love them! Until they love them too much and destroy them… Oh well.

Food & Treats

When it comes to food, we’ve ALWAYS fed the girls Science Diet. It’s what they’ve eaten since they were puppies in the Humane Society before we got them, it’s what our vet recommends still, so it’s what we give them to this day. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s great for every stage of life and has so many different options if your fur baby needs a special diet.

I feel like it’s a great idea to give dogs those dental treats that they love but also clean their teeth. Why not kill two birds with one stone, right?? Pretty sure I’ve given Greenies to every dog I’ve ever owned. I’ve never had a dog that didn’t like them and I feel like they’ve also helped with bad puppy breath! Definitely a win.

Another treat the girls love and we love giving them is this Blue Buffalo Jerky. I mean, we love beef jerky, so why wouldn’t our pups love jerky too?? Our dogs aren’t picky so we could easily give them something cheaper, but we feel good about giving them these because they’re natural and the ingredients list only has THREE things.

Beds & Crates

We had bed just like this one for Samoa for several years and it was great. She slept on it every single night and during the day, too, if we brought it into the living room or wherever Tyler or I were. She always has to be close! haha. However, Hazel, the young one, still get’s a bit crazy in her crate some nights so we’ve been getting her cheaper crate pads and replacing them every once in a while. This one is affordable, comes in multiple sizes, and is machine washable! Great for when your pup is still potty training. Hazel also stays in a crate still while we’re gone and at night because she can’t be trusted… This is a great crate that has great reviews, comes in multiple sizes, and comes with either a single or double door.


Do you have a favorite brush for your pup? Cause we do and until we found it, we’d never gotten so excited over a dug brush before. The Furminator is amazing. That’s right, amazing. It basically helps pull out all that loose hair, and there’s a lot, that’s just sitting in your dog’s coat waiting to make it’s way on to your nice clean floors. The girls get a good thorough brush with this thing once a week during the summer because they’re both big shedders (that’s definitely a word). If I could recommend one tool to help with your dog’s shedding issues, this is it! Invest!

This is the dog shampoo that’s on my list right now for next time we have to buy some! It has great reviews, comes in two sizes, and is supposed to help with any itchiness or dry skin. From reading the reviews, it seems like it also keeps them smelling nice and fresh for a long time! Who doesn’t love a clean smelling pup?

Leashes & Collars

The Easy Walk harness has been one of the BEST purchases we’ve made for our dogs. Seriously. It’s great because it buckles on so easily and has the ring for the leash in the front of the dog’s chest. This is so much better than it being in the back, because it actually pulls your dog back by the chest instead of the neck. Our girls responded so much better to training with this harness than any others we had tried.

Do you have any tried and true products you buy for your pups?? Share them with me bellow!