My Fitness Journey

A little over a year ago I found myself in a place of dissatisfaction and pure unhappiness with my body and how I felt physically and even sometimes mentally. For some reason, probably just getting older, I had gained weight and I had come to a place mentally where all I heard in my own head were negative thoughts. I had zero self confidence and not just in my appearance, but in every aspect of myself. Crazy how one thing could cause so many negative thoughts! There was no joy for me in going out on dates or out with friends because all I could think about was how unhappy I was with my body and the way literally every piece of clothing I owned now fit me. I was over it. I was done. No more.

Planet Fitness was my first shot at getting back to feeling healthy and confident. It’s an amazing gym and super affordable but after a few months I realized that I literally had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t understand my body and what I needed to do in order to lose the weight while building muscle. Basically, I didn’t know how to push myself. Yeah, I sweated, I was sore some times, I went pretty consistently, but I still felt lost. Even after months of going, I didn’t feel like I was making the progress I was really looking for. This is when I realized that I really needed to invest in myself and my health. Planet Fitness is the best affordable option in my area, but I needed something that would push me and teach me how much my body is truly capable of.

Que Orange Theory Fitness. My first thought when I looked into OTF? Probably, “Holy crap that’s so expensive.” Just being honest haha. At first, I felt a little bit guilty when I thought about spending $150 a month on a gym. Tyler was so encouraging though and convinced me that it would be worth it if I loved it and it provided the results I was looking for. So I did the trial class and oh my word, I loved it. It was incredibly challenging and kicked my butt so badly but I was absolutely in love with how quick paced it was and the whole environment. The class is basically group personal training so you get some one on one attention if you need it and you have that person there telling you to keep going, but they’re also not there staring at just you. You can also keep track of your heart rate, calories burned, and “splat points” during your workout because it’s displayed on some screens in the gym. OTF is simple, effective, and somehow so fun it’s addicting even though I feel like I’m about to die in the middle of most workouts.

Over the last year of doing OTF, I’ve learned that my body is capable of so much more than I ever realized. Even though I don’t feel like I’m exactly where I want to be just yet, I’ve seen so much progress already that I know it’s just a matter of time and some more hard work. Although my actual weight hasn’t fluctuated too much, my body is so much more toned and I can see the muscle I’ve been working so hard to build!

The greatest part of this whole process for me has been learning more about myself. I feel so much more confident in pretty much every aspect of my life. It’s affected my performance at work, my confidence in trying new things, the way I feel in my clothes… the list goes on.

It’s so weird to me that I have a “fitness journey” story to even tell but here I am. Feeling discouraged and unhappy about where you’re at physically happens to everyone. We’ve all been there, am I right? The important thing is that you pick yourself back up and have people around you who will support and encourage you the whole way. When you’re ready, you’ll do what it takes to get your self to where you want to be!

Tell me about your fitness journey in a comment below!

One thought on “My Fitness Journey

  1. You are so right and a great blog post, I’m Sophia and at 44 it took me a long time to find my mojo, I’m now the oldest PT on the planet .. I only retrained at 40 after family, life, work etc got in the way, the gym is so inspiring and highly addictive especially after the 37 year old WTF moment when you walk into a gym after 10 years. At 17 I was a gymnast and lifeguard, then 5 years later picked myself back up and got back in the gym, then kids, then picked myself back up with no confidence or self esteem back at it .. we all have a fitness journey, so no its not weird that you are writing about this it’s your thing and love the honesty.
    This is how far I have come .. my website only launched last month here it is any feedback would be appreciated

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